10/10 Kraken and 10/11 Victory Lounge Preview


10-10-11Preview by Brian Kim

Into the Storm, Wovoka, Giza, They Rise, We Die 10/10 at the Kraken

This Saturday October 10th, the streets of the University District will be rumbling with seismic vibrations from the epic heaviness erupting in the beer and sweat soaked interior of the Kraken Bar. Trekking up from the deserts of southern California, Los Angeles based Wovoka will be unleashing a crushing blend of epic sludge and post-metal. Their newest offering, Saros, is a deafening, bleak journey through monolithic riffs and smoldering, desolate screams. While formidable incentive to attend on their own, they’ll also have exceptionally strong local support from experimental heavy hitters Into The Storm, instrumental doom worshipers Giza, and spaced out heavy post-rockers They Rise, We Die. This is one of those amazingly solid bills where each band is absolutely worth catching, so be sure to get there early and witness it all. More info available on the Facebook event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/899401830154562/

Drunk Dad, The Great Goddamn, Wolfgang Fuck 10/11 at the Victory Lounge

Portland’s genre-bending, eardrum-exploding, face-melting, avant noise rockers Drunk Dad are coming back to Seattle to lay aural waste to all those who dare show their faces at the Victory Lounge this Sunday the 11th. Somehow finding a means to smash together hardcore, punk, jazz, sludge metal, and noise rock into a violent and punishing slurry of sonic destruction and pumping it out at devastating volumes, Drunk Dad continue to prove themselves a force to be reckoned with, if not at least to be witnessed in simultaneous awe and agony. It takes an artful and skilled hand to orchestrate such a cacophony, and Drunk Dad conduct their fury like a belligerently hungover symphony. Add to this the minimalist garage grooves of The Great Goddamn and werewolf punkers Wolfgang Fuck, and you’ve got one potent cocktail of kickass music. https://www.facebook.com/events/171413993198955/