Argonaut-What’s Your Perfect Day? Review


What's Your Perfect Day? cover art

Argonaut “What’s Your Perfect Day?” Review

By Brian Kim

Tacoma’s Argonaut are a riff factory, a stoney powerhouse of blood boiling, Sabbath blackening rock and roll. Their newest EP, What’s Your Perfect Day?, is a shotgun, slamming four tracks of smokey metal straight to the brain.

From the whiskey soaked opening riff of “Deluxe People In A Deluxe Setting” to the psychedelic noise-sludge ending of “If Canada Is So Great Then Why Do Severed Feet Keep Washing Up There”, Argonaut never let up. They are a booze fueled locomotive spewing thick clouds of reefer smoke, scorching everything they pass. The band’s first release since their breakup in 2006 and reformation in 2010, What’s Your Perfect Day? goes through a variety of familiar yet fresh territory, from fast-paced hardcore punk to bleak, crushing doom. Fans of Sleep, Kyuss, and Red Fang will fall in love immediately.

The recording quality of What’s Your Perfect Day? is superb, which is impressive as the band recorded and produced the EP by themselves. Thick slabs of distorted guitar roll over earth rumbling bass and huge, thunderous drums, while raspy, abrasive vocals fight desperately to cut through. Solid mix and tone on this monstrous record.

Overall, What’s Your Perfect Day? is an incredibly strong release all the way through, well produced and well written. You owe it to yourself to check this out. Give it a listen then order the CD or preorder the vinyl on their Bandcamp page,

[Editors Note: Don’t miss Argonaut’s next Seattle show March 7th at the Re-Bar. It’s a Grudge Rock show Vs. Valis, these shows are a blast.!/events/614119265271406/]