Dry T-Shirt Contest Album Release Preview 8/26





Dry T-Shirt Contest (Album Release)/Voycheck/Glose/Multicult

Preview by Jeffery McNulty

Lots of killer new music coming out of the Northwest lately right? Voycheck just put out a debut record that slays! And I’m still waiting for Glose to come out with a fresh one. Their new songs are so good!  And now viola, Dry T-Shirt Contest is celebrating the release of their first full length! Just these three bands would be enough to get me off my ass and down to the Victory Lounge this Saturday but…

The band I’m really excited to see is Baltimore, Maryland’s Multicult. I missed them the last time they were in town touring with Cutthroats 9 but heard nothing but positive things, so I went to bandcamp and bought their most recent record, Position Remote and I really enjoyed it. It is still in the headphone rotation months later kicking ass. There has been a rash of great noise rock bands popping up across the states, and even the world. Multicult’s specific brand of taught abrasive toughness would be at home opening up for Jesus Lizard or 400 Blows or any of the classics of my favorite sub-genre. In short, not to be missed.

8:30PM / $5adv $8dos / 21+/Victory Lounge/433 Eastlake Ave E