By Pamela Sternin

Jesus, Gaytheist. You’ve rendered me speechless. From touching lyrics, “Fuck sex, let’s dance and call it romance” to “They tied a steak to his balls, then they fed it to the dogs” we have a rarity of audible vocals yelling and telling over some of the most creative shred I’ve ever heard out of Portland. Unpretentious rock with a side of comic relief, this band is the full meal deal. And, the prize inside is snarly in-your-face bass lines with guitar riffs that’ll snap your neck into a mine field of hyper-actively solid, syncopated rhythms that’ll fuck you all night, pick your pocket on the way out and you’d still call back for another roll in the hay.  Their live shows are irresistibly active and anyone with 13 Songs on their shelf should check out Gaytheist’s new release “Stealth Beats” available August 21st on Good to Die Records.