Godheadsilo Preview 1/29




Chop Suey – Friday, January 29, 2016 – $15

By Brandy Rettig

Last October I excitedly headed over to Chop Suey to see Tacos! QUI and Hammerhead. As I was walking into the back bar area, I looked up and froze. I grabbed my boyfriend’s arm. “Oh my God” I whisper-hissed at him a little more enthusiastically than I intended to, “godheadSilo!” Bassist Mike Kunka, one half of the noise explosion that was godheadSilo, was sitting at the bar. I was instantly flooded with memories of brain rattleingly loud godheadSilo shows I had attended in the ‘90s “Fuck yeah,” I heard myself murmur.

Mike couldn’t have been any nicer or more humble when I nervously told him what a big godheadSilo fan I was (and still am). I didn’t bother to mention my similar affinity for Enemymine, ‘cause, you know, I didn’t want to be that girl. He was happy to chat with me about godheadSilo’s upcoming plans to play Seattle and Portland, and he gave me his first-hand accounting of the 2014 (approximately) $20,000 theft of the contents of his storage space, which included all the equipment he used in godheadSilo and all their goddamn master tapes (and more). And after I had asked him a million questions, he still let me take a picture with him.

godheadSilo’s Seattle show was originally scheduled for November 20th last year, but it had to be rescheduled due to the very serious illness of drummer Dan Haugh’s six year old. The show will now take place on Friday night, January 29th at Chop Suey. The $15 ticket will ensure your ears will still be ringing far into the weekend.