Greenriver Thrillers-Distorted Diva Review



By Jeffery McNulty

No one has been happier than I about the resurgence of noise rock lately, especially from our neck of the woods (Voycheck and Law Boss are just the latest in a series of kick ass bands in the NW hearkening back to my favorite 90’s sub-genre) but every couple of years I get to remind people that there has been one group of dudes here in Seattle that never stopped laying down the Amphetamine Reptile style brutality: Greenriver Thrillers have a new record out!

Their last record was one of my favorites in 2013 and this new one is no slouch. Aided by Don Farwell’s great production down at Earwig Studio; Phil Smith’s drums are thunderous, Gary Hughes’ bass is heavy as fuck and Alan Alfano’s guitar and vocals are as distorted, as they should be, a lot! I can honestly say this is just about as heavy as any TAD record and that’s a huge compliment coming from me. Their latest offering, Distorted Diva, starts with an immediate punch in the face titled “Shithead Complex”. What follows is the trio doing what they do best. “Body Parts” and “Plunge” are two of my personal favorites. There is even a tender moment on the last song, “Mammal”, if you need a hug on the way out.

The more I listen to the physical record the more I like it! Covered in art from the Accused’s Tom Niemeyer and with appropriate Green River flavored vinyl, this record makes a fine addition to anyone’s record collection.

[Editor’s Note: Don’t miss the band live Saturday October 14th at the Skylark Cafe with Zed, The Watchers and Thunderhound.]