Into the Storm-Where the Merfalo Roam Review



Into the Storm-Where the Merfalo Roam

Review by Jeffery McNulty


The first thing I noticed when I pressed play on Where the Merfalo Roam was the guitar tone; this is some of the best I’ve heard on wax in quite a while. Then a Squidbillies sample kicked in and I thought, “Ok cool, these dudes are pissed, but they still have a sense of humor.” I seriously wish I had a lyric sheet but from what I can glean they are not happy with the current state of affairs! Which is pretty much how I’m feeling these days- these songs immediately caught me and kept me on the roller coaster ride.

I love the effects on the vocals; they are epic but still aggressive. I’ve seen Into the Storm live a few times and I was super impressed by their singer’s voice then as well. The first two songs equal a barnburner followed by a bulldozer then they take a knee for a minute on the third track, heads bowed, before standing up and kicking your ears in the nuts once again. There’s even a couple trumpet breaks on a song! Not to mention the thunderous drums. All in all everything about this music is fun, interesting and heavy as hell.

Into the Storm describe the record as a “journey through discontent, oppressive governments, dystopian eras, and the connection between the cycles societies go through.” I’d have to agree! Because it’s so epic, it took me at least twice through to start getting the message but it grew on me with every pass. Actually, it took me a while to finish this review because I felt like this was a record that I needed to really take the time to listen to. Masterfully recorded by Derek Moree (tracked at Studio Litho and mixed at The Boiler Room here in Seattle) this record is an aural assault that will stick with you for some time to come. Apparently there was a book that was released simultaneously? I seriously have to get it! Maybe it’ll explain where the Merfalo do their roaming. Or what Merfalo are.