James Reeves’ 30th Birthday Show Preview



Preview by Brian Kim

There’s one hell of a party going down at the Kraken this Saturday, a wonderfully diverse lineup featuring some of this city’s finest underground noisemakers.

Into The Storm, who will be celebrating the dirty thirtieth birthday of drummer James Reeves, is without a doubt one of the most underrated heavy bands in Seattle. They have continued to grow and evolve their sound over the course of their six or so years of activity, and have brewed a diverse and dynamic blend of sludge, post-metal, math rock, psychedelia, noise, doom, and probably a dozen other subgenres and metal. They’re currently in the midst of recording a new album, so chances are good they’ll be playing some brand new material this evening, definitely not to be missed.

Starting the night off will be experimental noise-rock outfit Enumclaw, featuring members of grindcore shredders Czar. Enumclaw takes a slightly more off kilter approach to their madness, jumping back and forth between discordant abrasiveness and stripped down sludgery that pours heavily like an audible hangover. A God Or An Other will be adding their blackened experimental post-metal heaviness to the mix, a searing amalgamation of breakneck black metal and ethereal atmospherics. Finally, upbeat party punkers HELLGOD (featuring members of Smooth Sailing) will be closing out the night with gritty pop punk anthems, a perfect soundtrack for pounding some final whiskey shots and tallboys and drunkenly dancing around before last call.

There’s a bit of everything on this bill, and each band is exceptionally good at what they do. Do not sleep on this one. Music starts at 9pm, and it’s only five bucks at the door.