Metameric-The Shiver Review



Metameric “The Shiver” Review

By Jeffery McNulty

Hot on the heels of my love for ASG comes a record form local boys Metameric that has all the same elements I enjoy: good production, heavy riffs, spacey parts, kick ass drumming and great vocals. Frankly, I’m impressed that a band from Seattle is holding it down in this fashion. I’m also depressed that it took me this long to find out about them!

Metametic’s new record The Shiver starts out strong with the track “A Great Injustice”, instantly reminding me of what I used to like about Deftones; when they were on top of their game they had the same epic beauty. The chorus to this song is gorgeous. As soon as I heard the drums I looked it up and, sure enough, Matt Bayles recorded this at Red Room so you know it sounds excellent.

I’d almost call The Shiver front-loaded if the rest of the songs weren’t so diverse. Five songs, averaging six minutes apiece, makes for a good full-length record. I’m so glad that bands are putting out records that would fit on a record instead of filling a CD with throwaway songs… Check out the heavy opening of “10:57”, and the epic progginess of “Eye of Providence” and you will see what I mean.  These dudes can play their instruments! Right down to the last song “Eustonstus”, which boasts another amazing chorus, the production on this record is right on the verge of poppy, in a good way. I can definitely see this being played on the radio, so hopefully some local station picks this one up and runs with it in 2014.

On a personal note: I am SO into the fact that it’s ok for bands to sing again. I blame Torche, or should say I’m thanking them! Everybody go buy everything they did then get Floor’s last record, you can thank me the next time you see me.