Saturday 9-26 Show Previews



By Jeffery McNulty

If you are already hip to the Seattle heavy rock scene you already know we have a power packed Saturday night this weekend, with a couple huge shows…. and a few really good smaller local bills. Britain’s Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats are going to be kicking it old school at El Corazon and Highline is hosting the Black Breath record release party with Goatsnake, Obliterations, and Battalion of Saints.
But those places only hold so many people and if you are like me, you hate the crush of a sold out crowd, and if fighting Bros and Woo Girls for parking on Capitol Hill seems more trouble than it’s worth… well, I have some alternatives for you.
Black Lodge:
Serial Hawk is truly one of Seattle’s heaviest bands and they have a new record entitled Searching For Light coming out that crushes! They are one of my favorite acts, in town or otherwise. I highly recommend that you get off your butt and see them then buy all their records. Helping them celebrate the new album’s release at the Black Lodge are Blood Drugs (a killer Seattle noise rock band, who’s recent record is in my top ten this year) MTNS, and Dead Spells. Heavy hitters ALL! This is my favorite kind of show where all the band’s sound different.
The Anthill:
I have to admit I’ve never heard of the Anthill, but if they are going to be hosting events like this I will definitely take notice of this new spot downtown! For those whose tastes tend toward the METAL black or otherwise, tonight’s show will not disappoint. Local Cascadians A God or an Other are headlining over a couple excellent out of towners. The band have been making a great name for themselves, and rightly so because their live shows are always intense. Leucrota is a blackened crust band from Santa Cruz, California. They will probably deafen you instantly if the music on their Bandcamp page is indicative of how they sound live. Sloths from Portland and Seattle’s Crōn round out a very healthy bill.
Darrell’s Tavern:
And there is a kick-ass show up north: the Sun Giants are back from touring to promoting their new record Orion. They should be tight as fuck in addition to their usual Desert Rock style heaviness and will most assuredly have stories to tell. Now, Deadrones are a band I know nothing about other than I like their name and logo but this is probably a good thing. You know how many times you’ve gone to a show and the middle band is the surprise of the night? This could be it man! And show up on time because opening the show are some personal favorites of mine, TeePee Creeper, from Port Angeles WA. These dudes play a particularly Northwest type of heavy very reminiscent of TAD. Their last 7-inch was pasted to my turntable for weeks. Big, loud, heavy, they got the gear and they got the riffs. What more could one ask for on a Saturday night?