Seattle Noise Volume 1 Review


coverCHACHABy Brian Kim

Those who have had their ear to Seattle’s rumbling underground music scene have likely noticed that the inconspicuous dimly red lit Cha Cha Lounge has been putting on some seriously killer shows. Tucked away downstairs from Bimbo’s Cantina on Capitol Hill’s bustling Pike Street, the Cha Cha’s combination of cramped quarters, cheap booze, and extremely loud music is a perfect storm, leaving a wake of destroyed livers and damaged eardrums. It only makes too much sense then for this beloved dive to put together a compilation of some of the amazing local acts currently crushing it in the Seattle underground. And thus, Seattle Noise Vol. 1 was born.

Curated by the Cha Cha’s Kerry Zettel and released in collaboration with AVR Music and Good To Die Records, Seattle Noise Vol. 1 is comprised of fourteen of the loudest and greatest bands in Seattle right now. The best part is, it’s all new unreleased material. This already sets Seattle Noise apart from most other compilations out there, but what else is unique and interesting is that all of the tracks were recorded in a ten day span at Vault Studio using a shared back line of gear, with just some changes between bands. The result is a powerfully raw and cohesive sounding compilation, bristling with live energy. 

Right from the get go, Seattle Noise is gripping and intense. Sandrider’s “Dogwater” is an electrifying rollercoaster of pummeling riffs, you can practically feel the sweat and beer. Crypts brilliantly follows up the cacophony of distorted guitars with the pulsating, densely layered synths of “Carnivore”, a song filled with their signature combination of noisey electronics and Steve Snere’s snarling vocals. From the upbeat punk rock of Trash Fire to the ethereal melodies of Dust Moth, all the way to the closing four minute shredfest of Theories, Seattle Noise never has a lull, never gets boring, and is consistently impressive. Each track on this compilation is a truly great listen, and together they form a vast and varied glimpse into the magnificent music scene we have here in Seattle. 

Interestingly, this compilation will be released in the unique format of a t-shirt. The shirts will feature artwork on the front and back, and liner notes on the inside, and will come with a download card. Shirts will be sold at the free Listening Party at Cha Cha, and will be in stock there as well as the Good To Die web store and on Bandcamp.

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