Weekly Worth It 10-18-16


Tuesday, October 18th


True Widow/Lowlands/Me Infecto

Aficionados of the Shoegazer variety know that there’s really one place besides England that fuzzy droney heavy psychedelic rock comes from: Texas. No one knows why, but the history down there is deep. True Widow is one such band with a pedigree (guitarist Dan Phillips was in the Dallas band Slowride) and an emphasis on the heavy. Their new record Avvolgere is a dreamy follow up to their 2013 masterpiece Circumambulation, which was a favorite record of that year. Their male/female vocals trade off floating over simple riffs that sometimes crawl forward like a Wipers song and other times recall Loop at their heaviest. But one has to see them live to realize why they are signed to Relapse Records, usually known for signing the noisiest of bands.

Lowlands are a NYC Post Punk band of the toe-staring variety but they add a huge helping of verbed out Death Rock vocals. If you appreciate music that is haunting and bleak, as I do, this duo is the band for you! After listening to their Bandcamp page for an hour I’m really excited to see them live.

Opening up the show is my favorite Seattle duo Me Infecto, who have come out of a long retirement to slay once again. Their music is a good compliment to True Widow calling to mind the headliners more stoner/doom early material. Dan Infecto’s chorded bass and gruff vocals interplay mightily with Ben Larsen’s massively heavy drumming. He has often been compared to Melvin’s Dale Crover, just with a smaller drum kit.

Three band bills are sadly becoming a thing of the past in this town so come enjoy the fact that you can go see a few great bands on a Tuesday night and still make it to bed for work the next day! -Jeffery McNulty

9 PM/$12-14 dos/21+/Highline Bar/210 Broadway E



Saturday, October 22


Demilich/Hooded Menace/Vastum/Triumvir Foul/Cerebral Rot

I truly dislike five band bills with all my heart, and I am here to tell you that every single one of these bands is worth your time on Saturday evening. In one night you can experience a cross-generational primer on excellent death metal. Demilich are united again and here all the way from Finland. Their sole album Nespithe is a landmark of the cryptic and horrific take on this genre that all of the bands this evening tap into. Joining the forefathers from Finland are the oft slept-on Hooded Menace. Hooded Menace have been around for nearly a decade now, creating death/doom metal that is fit to soundtrack the most gruesome of D’n’D encounters. Having them state-side with their fellow countrymen is very much a rare privilege.

Representing America, we have a trio of excellent current acts. Vastum are an exhilarating live presence. Vocalist Daniel Butler has no reservations about diving headfirst into a crowd, eager or otherwise. Their take on old school death metal has been one of the most impactful in recent years. Making the trip up from Portland are Triumvir Foul, a group that has quickly garnered well-deserved praise. The band is a flagship project of the blossoming “Vrasubatlat” collective from Portland that are quickly producing an archive of esoterically minded death metal. Their self-titled debut was an astoundingly strong statement of presence, and I am excited to see what the band brings to the table in a live setting. I will admit that I have yet to see or hear much of anything from Cerebral Rot, but with a name like that on a bill like this, the odds are thoroughly in your favor if you show up early. -Jake McCune

8pm/$15 ADV $18 DAY/ 21+/ Highline/210 Broadway E



Sunday, October 23

Sleep/Helen Money

Seeing the band Sleep live is a time of great unity for stoners and metal heads alike. Of course, everyone is at the show to see Sleep, that’s understood. And of course, their performance will be an other-worldly, riff-laden experience that will sweep everyone present, myself included, into at least 90 minutes of blissful escape from awful, sober, reality. The honest truth, though, is that half of the fun of seeing Sleep live is congregating outside of the venue with all of the like-minded folk present and participating in the very ritual that the band is founded upon, communal weed-smoking with buds. Pun very much intended. The kicker is that Sleep have a hell of an opener, one for which you should be advised to take a respite from the bowl (or pipe or joint or pen) and wander in early to witness. Quite simply, Helen Money creates exceptional metal music with nothing but a cello and effects pedals. Her live performance is not only a breathtaking display of solo-musicianship, it’s the perfect attention grabber for a stoned out audience. -Jake McCune

8pm/$30 ADV $35 DAY/All Ages/Showbox Market/1426 1st Ave