Weekly Worth It 10-4-16


Thursday, October 6

Discharge/EYEHATEGOD/Toxic Holocaust/Oxygen Destroyer


Most times what you’d have been hearing from me the last couple weekends would be “EYEHATEGOD is playing!” They are one of the few bands that could drag my old carcass down to Studio Seven. EHG’s singer Mike IX is out making himself healthy (which is a good thing I guess) but Lamb of God’s front man Randy Blythe will most likely fill his shoes reluctantly but admirably.  It’s no secret that EHG is by far one of my favorite bands. Their music is unbearably heavy and there are few bands that have stuck to their guns in the underground for so long. Uncompromising is the word I’d use. Pretty sure the sub-genre “Sludge” was created for them and all the other bands that copied them in the decades since they crawled off the filthy streets of NOLA.

But I think every other crust punk in town is probably a lot more excited about seeing the band that put the D in D-Beat, DISCHARGE! They are almost ‘original’ aka ‘classic era’ members and I’m sure they’ll play some classic hits as well as choice cuts from the new album. So I doubt anyone will be disappointed. I’m not sure what else to tell you… even if you don’t know who Discharge is, if you like punk you better get to this show.

Portland’s Toxic Holocaust has been taking names and kicking asses since they formed as a one man band side project well ahead of the last wave of thrash revival. Opening up for them is my new favorite local death metal band, Oxygen Destroyer. All of their songs are about Kaiju (giant Japanese monsters) but don’t worry, their music totally rules aside from the shtick. I recommend you show up early to see them! Disciples of Descent have apparently broken up and unfortunately won’t be playing but 4 bands should be plenty when 2 of them are Discharge and EYEHATEGOD! Guess I’ll head into my closet and pull out my rusty bullet belt, but I doubt it’ll fit. -Jeffery McNulty

6 pm/$22/All Ages/ Studio Seven/ 110 S Horton St



Friday, October 7th

Genocide Skin/Hungers/Eye of Nix/Meat Deposition


Genocide Skin are a two piece from Oakland, CA, formed by longtime scene veterans who clearly had ideas for something a little more off the beaten path. Cybernetic aesthetics and electronics compliment and fill out a thrashy, d-beat approach to songwriting on their new debut album, “Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.” The two-man act produce a gamut of sounds I can’t wait to see executed in the tiny front of the Victory Lounge. Opening the show are another touring act that blend dark sounds, Portland’s Hungers have a sludgy, mid-paced push that is backed up by what have come to be known as “blackened” guitars and vocals. Local favorites and seriously underrated act Eye of Nix are on the bill, which means that it is absolutely worth showing up early to catch Joy Von Spain’s epic vocal styling’s over dramatic and shifting slabs of doom. Opening up the night is another interesting name, as it’s a completely new one. Meat Deposition is the power electronics project of Same-Sex Dictator’s Lee Cizek, and his live debut is the opener for this killer line up. This is a man who is very talented at making aggressive, angry music. If you don’t show up early to see what kind of wrath he can inflict with a bunch of amplified electronics you are missing the fuck out. -Jake McCune

9pm/$8/21+/Victory Lounge/433 E Eastlake



Githyanki/Law Boss/Seminars/Voycheck 14305457_646987075454436_7515977078031486427_o

Fun Fact: The last time Voycheck played a show, someone from another band broke his arm on stage. While that really has nothing to do with this show in the slightest, it’s just a warning that strange things could happen if you miss them. Voycheck feels right at home kicking off this bill, which I wouldn’t miss if you love that early AmRep style of noise/punk/chunk. While none of these bands sound all that much similar to each other it’s certainly not a stretch either. Githyanki has garnered more than a few comparisons to early Melvins, and Portland’s Law Boss and locals Seminars round things out nicely. If you like your rock drenched in feedback, soaked in beer, with distorted bass lines, and howling vocals, then this show is for you. -James Ballinger

9PM/$8/21+/Highline/210 Broadway Ave E