Weekly Worth It 11-1-16


Tuesday, November 1st


Jagged Mouth/Ol’ Dagger/A God or An Other/ Morrow

Jagged Mouth and Ol’ Dagger are on tour together from New Mexico, and both acts offer takes on extreme metal that are worth your trip out to the U District on a Tuesday night. The screeching, halted doom of Jagged Mouth recently got the attention of the internet metal-sphere and the band’s latest release, ‘Louring,’ is a massive slab of atmosphere that puts this relatively new act right up amongst other modern-day American doom greats like Thou or Fister. Their touring buds in Ol’ Dagger are equally as oppressive in terms of sonics, but they appear to have a sense of humor that goes well with their tendency to break into faster, more chugging riffage. Local hard-workers A God or An Other are yet again providing an exhilarating opening act to the festivities, while relatively new and local black metal crew Morrow will kick things off some time after 8pm. -Jake McCune

8pm/21+/The Kraken/5257 University Way NE.



Theories/Vermin Womb/Wilt/Hissing


It is no secret that Theories are great, and are only getting better. It is also no secret that this show is being thrown as a celebration for Kusha, the bass player of Theories. No wonder this bill is so stacked, right? The highlight is a chance to catch the only non-locals on the bill, Vermin Womb. The Colorado band features members of the crushingly heavy Primitive Man. Unlike the choked-out, hopeless sludge of PM, Vermin Womb delivers a full grind assault that is akin to being physically assaulted by multiple sentient trash-cans. The blown-out, distorted nature of Vermin Womb’s grind gives it an appealingly awful quality that I am certain could translate to a scary live performance. Wilt and Hissing act as the openers of the festivities, and if you haven’t caught either of these bands and you attend shows regularly in the city than you have been missing out. Don’t miss out. -Jake McCune

9pm/21+/$12/Highline/210 Broadway E.




Friday, November 4th

Greenriver Thrillers/Powerhitter/The Valley/Infinite Flux


Friday night at Slim’s Last Chance Saloon, punked out experimental noise-rockers Greenriver Thrillers will be headlining an outstanding bill of badass, hard hitting rock and roll. They’ll be joined by the hard rockin, heavy groove riffs of Powerhitter, as well as the sludgy, grungy, garage punk of The Valley. Psychedelic stoner rock outfit Infinite Flux will be starting the night off right with big doomy riffs and heavy, spaced out jams. Definitely one killer bill from start to finish, don’t be late. -Brian Kim

9PM/$9/21+/Slim’s Last Chance/5606 1st Ave S




Saturday, November 5th


C Average/Diesto/A Volcano/Turian

Vintage heavy metal shredders C Average will be blasting some hot riffage at Lucky Liquor on Saturday. Their Dungeons and Dragons inspired rock and roll is an explosive whirlwind that brings to mind the likes of Metallica, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden. Joining them will be a one-two punch from Portland, progressive metal stalwarts Diesto and experimental sludge noisemakers A Volcano. Local grindcore metalheads Turian (formerly known as Dead Mothers) will be kicking things off with a bang. Once again, another stacked lineup, show up early and stay late. -Brian Kim

8:30PM/$5/21+/Lucky Liquor/10325 E Marginal Way S



Sunday, November 6th

Un/Fister/Heiress/Shrine of the Serpent


Another bill this week with only one out of town band, at least it’s another doozy. Local funeral doom champs Un are taking their misery on the road, and they’ve chosen the perfect tour bros in Fister, a quintessentially American doom band from St. Louis, MO. Fister create the type of soul-crushing-yet-somehow-life-affirming doom metal that causes me to constantly wonder what the hell everyone else is listening to that is not Fister. Un remain an entrancing live act, the band’s long and sorrowful songs suck out all the air in the room, drawing in listeners before bringing things crashing back to reality with a dramatic finish. Heiress and Shrine of the Serpent open the evening with decidedly non-doomy genres of extreme metal, both bands have been covered by the PA in the past and are absolutely worth your time. -Jake McCune


9pm/21+/$12/Highline/210 Broadway E.