Weekly Worth It 11-10-16


Thursday, November 10th


Vektor/Black Fast/Xoth/Sarcalagos/Lb!


Vektor are currently on tour across America, and what better time to go catch the band that’s all about the dark sci-fi future of our time in this planet? Things got pretty dark on election night, but at least there is still metal. Taking an aesthetic cue from their forbears in Voivod, the thrashers are well suited to dystopic subject matter, and perform a hell of a live show. Joining them are Black Fast from St. Louis, a name that says a lot about the band. Be sure to show up early and catch fellow sci-fi metallers Xoth, Sarcalagos from Portland and the almighty local prog-thrash duo LB!. -Jake McCune

9pm/$13/21+/Highline/210 Broadway E



Friday, November 11th

Into The Storm/Smooth Sailing/Grenades


This Friday presents one of the most solid local bills I’ve seen in quite some time. Probably one of Seattle’s most underrated bands, Into The Storm are celebrating the release of their new record, Where The Merfalo Roam, and believe me when I say this is one of the best heavy records of the year. Into The Storm have been quietly stewing in the shadows and have brewed up some insanely good material, turning sludge metal on its ear with mind-bending mathematical acrobatics, sprawling, cosmic atmospheres, and brutal, crushing heaviness. Supporting this monumental new release will be two well established SPA favorites, ethereal progressive metal shredders Smooth Sailing and sludgy post-hardcore champions Grenades. Prepare for face-meltage of epic proportions. -Brian Kim

9PM/Black Lodge



Saturday, November 12th

Muscle & Marrow/Ariadne/Masturbatory Dysfunction/Prisonfood


This lovely matinee, put on by the always-weird/under-exposed Pent Up Release, is absolutely worth your early attendance. M&M mix elements of doom, post-punk, pop and romanticism into a sound that no other band has a handle on. Joining the duo are NYC synth duo Ariadne, I must admit I am not familiar with their work, but given that the two local openers are of the excellent noisy/experimental acts Masturbatory Dysfunction and PRISONFOOD, I feel confident in saying that every act on this bill will provide the weirdest matinee experience you can find on a Saturday. -JM

5pm/$10/21+/Timbre Room/1809 Minor Ave.



 Sunday, November 13th


Daughters/The Body/Loma Prieta


If ever there was a reason to be hungover on a Monday morning, it’s this incredible tour package coming through Seattle on Sunday night. Resurrected Rhode Island legends Daughters will be unleashing their devastating and relentless brand of noisy, mathy, grindcore punk within the sweaty walls of our beloved Highline. They will be heavily supported by Portland’s enigmatic genre-breakers The Body as well as San Francisco’s hardcore stalwarts Loma Prieta. Get your tickets in advance, this is going to be a big one. -BK

 8PM/$13/21+/Highline/210 Broadway E