Weekly Worth It 6-26-16


Monday June 27th

Alaric/Dead Spells/Same-Sex Dictator/Anteinferno


Alaric are a bit of a California institution, sharing members with Noothgrush, and have been working at creating a cutting death-rock/doom hybrid for seven years now. The band has not been to town in a minute, and is backed here at Highline by a very diverse bill of openers. Dead Spells is a project I am not terribly familiar with, but they seem to fall into the “spooky rock” side of the spectrum established by the headliners, with some alluring vocals and a garage-y feel to their brand of songwriting. Same-Sex Dictator lay on the harsher side of that spectrum; the noise-infected drum and bass duo always deliver a pummeling live set. Opening this dark and varied evening is up and coming noise/powerelectronics artist Anteinferno, whom I have unfortunately yet to see live, but whose recent Bandcamp output is excitingly abrasive. Show up early and get spooked. -Jake McCune

$12//PM/ 21+//210 Broadway E


Destroyer Of Light /The Sharp Teeth/TBA

This show is going to be fucking heavy. I was fortunate enough to catch Austin-based doom/sludge outfit Destroyer of Light last time they blazed through Seattle and was mesmerized into a head-bobbing trance. These guys conjure an epic, smokey monument drawing influence from the likes of Sleep, Candlemass, and Eyehategod. The Sharp Teeth will be providing local support, brandishing a potent blend of whiskey soaked garage punk and stoney noise rock. Word on the street is there may be another opening act, but even just these two bands make up a hell of a solid lineup, not to be missed.  -Brian Kim

$8//9PM//21+//Victory Lounge//433 Eastlake Avenue E



Friday July 1st



For many metal enthusiasts, seeing YOB live is about as close as it gets to going to church. Frontman Mike Scheidt, he of the ever-flowing beard and yoga poses, is very open about the spiritual inspiration and quality of his music. Nowhere is that more evident than in a small bar like the Highline, in close proximity to the Verellen amplifiers from which the band’s euphoric repetitions blast the crowd. Supporting the show are two very different sides of Seattle’s heavy coinage. The Dune-inspired desert metal of the recently revived Sandrider will be sure to bring the energy up in the crowd, a necessary task after the grief-filled death/doom of show openers and local favorites Un. Very little remains to be said about these doom overlords, you simply will be in attendance or you will miss out on one of the best shows of the year. -Jake McCune

$14//9PM//21+// 210 Broadway E



Saturday, July 2nd

You May Die In The Desert/ Wander/A Provence Of Thay/ Medicine Bows

It brings me great joy to see one of my favorite local bands back in action after nearly a year off the grid. You May Die In The Desert have been making mind-blowing, hard hitting, progressive instrumental rock for over a decade, and they just keep getting better. Sharing a similar vein of epic and intense, Oakland’s Wander will be in town unleashing their sprawling and cinematic post-rock. Additional local support from densely atmospheric post-metal wizards A Province of Thay as well as noise punk rockers Medicine Bows will round out the evening.  – Brian Kim

$8//9PM//21+//The Victory Lounge//433 Eastlake Avenue E