Weekly Worth It 6-6-16


Tuesday, June 7th

 CHRCH/SwampheavY/Lb.!/Witch Ripper


CHRCH, the band formerly known as “Church,” hail from California, a state with a thorough pedigree for metal music that breaks molds and leaves an impression for decades. Their 2015 debut “Unanswered Hymns,” out on Oakland label Transylvanian Tapes, wrought three instant-classic tomes of doom that wound up on a sizable number of year end lists. CHRCH blend the harsher end of the doom spectrum with sludgy, bass-y Electric Wizard tones and a mix of clean and harsh vocal takes. They are decades of amp worship synthesized into one killer unit. A cadre of local mainstays are opening, covering the bases for any discerning fan. -Jake McCune

$12 // 9PM // 21+ // Highline // 210 Broadway E



Friday, June 10th

The Body/Sashay/Mercy Ties/Throes


It’s becoming increasingly obvious that The Body are very, very tired of playing with metal bands. The incorrigible duo were only in town a month ago playing with noise legend WORK/DEATH and several eclectic and noisey local openers, now they are embracing the punk side of town. Sashay are an ongoing force of in-your-face queer punk with a hardcore bent. Meanwhile, Mercy Ties are the city’s current defenders of good quality “metal-core” music, which means they have influences all over the place but put on one rowdy live show. The only unknown quantity here are Throes of Boise, whose band description simply describes the definition of their name. I’m sure they will be interesting to watch, but either way the sonic enema that is The Body are always worth witnessing live. -JM

9PM//All Ages//Black Lodge



Grenades/Where My Bones Rest Easy/Harijan (Japan)/Slow Elk


I don’t remember the last Grenades show in town. I mean, I was probably there, I just don’t remember it. It’s been a while, and I was more than likely a few beers past my limit. That doesn’t really matter, what matters is they are back and active again, and you shouldn’t miss them or this all over the place heavy lineup at one of the best bars in Seattle. -JB 9PM//$8//21+// Victory Lounge//433 Eastlake Ave E.



Saturday, June 11th


Good to Die Records 5 Year Anniversary featuring Sandrider, Gaytheist, Blood Drugs, Merso and special guests The Absolute Monarchs12932913_1157084500981142_29532314744987206_n

Local Seattle label Good to Die Records is celebrating its five year anniversary this Saturday at Neumos. That’s five years of records released, money spent, blood, sweat, tears, and Rainer beer spilt. If you’ve followed the heavy music scene around here you should be very familiar with the labels roster; and the hardworking guy behind it, Nik Christofferson. The label has been a driving force in our scene these last few years, putting out records by Brokaw, Monogamy Party, Gaytheist, Sandrider, Deadkill, Absolute Monarchs, Blood Drugs, Rabbits, and the newly signed Merso. While tending to stay on the less metallic side of aggressive, Good to Die’s roster is a diverse and refined bunch of bands you need to own records by. Some of those bands have since parted ways (Brokaw, Deadkill, Monogamy Party, Absolute Monarchs) and are sorely missed. The true testament to Christofferson is carrying on, finding and supporting new talent all over the city. Tonight, it’s a celebration of just that. With a reunited Absolute Monarchs on the bill and sets by Gaytheist, Merso, Blood Drugs, and the almighty Sandrider, this one is sure to be one of those shows you’ll be talking about for the next five years. Congrats Good to Die. -James Ballinger

8PM// $12// 21+//Neumos//925 E Pike St.