Weekly Worth It 7-12-16


Weekly Worth It

Tuesday July 12th

Ghost Bath/Underling/He Whose Ox Is Gored

13233144_10157197374975227_2786210142122557092_nGhost Bath are a weird band, that much is pretty hard to deny in the year 2016. The definitely-US-based black metal outfit started life as a quasi- hoax, releasing their real music under the moniker “Nameless,” yet choosing to spell the name with a Chinese character, claiming to be an outfit from China. After their latest release, entitled Moonlover, the positive attention the band was receiving made it nigh impossible to keep up the questionable facade, and all was revealed in a number of lengthy, awkward investigative pieces. I would hope the members of Ghost Bath learned a lesson about Internet PR, as they appear to be coming out from under the spotlight to finally tour behind the critically acclaimed album that exposed them. Tour support should keep things interesting, as Ghost Bath and elected to Seattle’s local heavy-hitters He Whose Ox is Gored out on the road with them, and that band knows how to play an inspiring live set. Show up early and support your favorite noise-makers as they embark on what is likely to be one of the more interesting west coast tours of the year. -Jake McCune

8PM // $12 // AA // Crocodile// 2200 2nd Ave


Dragged Into Sunlight/Primitive Man/Cult Leader/Heiress


This is the show to watch out for this week, this month, and possible this entire year at Highline. UK-based unit Dragged Into Sunlight are known for their suffocating and non-inclusive stage presence, garnering universal praise for their performance at this year’s Maryland Death Fest. Four black-clad, masked humans take the stage in utter darkness, lighting an enormous candelabra as the only source of hope for the room. They turn their backs to the room and face their amps, they are not important, their presence is only to allow for the most horrifying blend of metal one can put ears to. It’s paltry to try and classify their music. Is it sludge? Is it black metal? Is it doom? Dragged into Sunlight are one of the rare bands that truly don’t deserve such shallow analysis. It’s terror, plain and simple. The band knows how to pick ’em for touring partners as well. Colorado nihilists Primitive Man are truly a gut punch, playing slow and down-tuned music that is rooted in exploring just how awful the planet can be. Meanwhile, Utah’s Cult Leader make all other hardcore bands seem like they’re not really even trying. With locals Heiress kicking things off, this show is like an aural powder keg. -JM

9PM // $14 // 21+ // Highline// 210 Broadway Ave E 




Friday, July 15th

1000 Knives & Ladies’ Choice Present: Dälek/Crypts/Teeph

Always trust Ladies’ Choice. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from going to shows in Seattle, it’s that Adam Noble Bass, the superfan behind Ladies’ Choice Productions, knows what’s up. If his name is attached to a show, you know it’ll be a quality event worth checking out. Teaming up with recent transplant promoter 1000 Knives has proven to be a great success, the past year being riddled with extraordinary collaborative shows from the two. This Friday’s bill at the Highline aims to be yet another. Headlining a wonderfully eclectic lineup, Newark-based Dälek will be showcasing their uniquely dark and noisy style of hip hop. The well seasoned group is freshly resurrected from a lengthy hiatus and recently released a new record, Asphalt For Eden, via Profound Lore Records. Utilizing a dense arsenal of varied and unconventional samples, Dälek finds a strangely inviting common ground between noise, industrial, post-metal, trip hop, and old school hip hop. The result begs to be witnessed live. Local electronic nonconformists Crypts will be providing an intoxicating juxtaposition in support with their simultaneously gloomy and upbeat cocktail of gothy synths, howling vocals, and danceable beats. Opening the night will be Chico, CA’s sludge masters Teeph, who will be releasing their new record Widowmaker, a “blissful cacophony” of Botch and Big Business inspired heaviness, on July 13th. Trust Ladies’ Choice, do not miss this show. -Brian Kim

9PM//$10//21+//Highline//210 Broadway E




Sunday, July 17th

Glory Kid Records Showcase


Glory Kid Records have been putting out some really great records, and they’re finally curating a showcase to show off some of their badass bands in one place. Among my favorites are veteran hardcore act Mercy Ties, who have been laying down a virulent blend of scorching post-hardcore riffage, spastic grindcore shredding, and epic, crushing breakdowns for a number of years. These guys absolutely slay live, performing with the kind of intensity and passion this kind of music deserves. Shoegazey grunge rockers Where My Bones Rest Easy are also on the bill, crafting big Smashing Pumpkins-esque melodies with a hint of indie rock vibes and post-hardcore energy. One band to definitely keep an eye out for is Slow Code, whose recent Glory Kid release Marketable Skills has had steady rotation in my car since seeing them live a while back. Energetic and fun punk rock with a bit of heaviness and experimentation thrown in, Slow Code puts on a fantastic live show and are definitely a band that you’ll be seeing more and more of. Pennsylvania’s Reservoir and Orlando transplant Bobby’s Oar round out the night. Five killer bands, eight bucks, great way to end the weekend. -BK

8:30PM//$8//21+//Victory Lounge//433 Eastlake Ave E