Weekly Worth It 7-18-16


Monday July 18th

Ne Obliviscaris/Black Crown Initiate/Starkill


Australia consistently likes to prove just how utterly unique of a country they really are, not only with their interesting animals, vulgar slang terms, and abundance of stuff that will literally kill you, but also in the music they export to us. Melbourne-based sextet Ne Obliviscaris are no exception, as elements of their music may sound familiar, but together as a whole form a sound wholly their own. Rooted in progressive metal, the band swiftly touts between softer, folk melodies with clean singing, to harsh, brutally heavy extreme metal. Classical violin movements are abundant, as are flamenco, avant-garde jazzy bass lines and odd time signature drumming. Their composition is truly impressive, albeit occasionally pretty cheesy. Solid tour support from Pennsylvania melodic death metal outfit Black Crown Initiate, and Chicago-based metal group Starkill provide something for everyone – so long as you lean towards metal that verges on radio-friendly. -Dustin Carroll

8pm//$12//all ages//The Crocodile//2200 2nd Ave.


Barghest/Huldrekall/The Vatican


If you prefer grime and dissonance on your heavy music palette, may I direct you to the Black Lodge on Monday night. Baton Rouge, Louisiana is known for producing some very bleak, sludgy music and Barghest are no exception to this trend. Self-described as “the aural manifestation of hatred and disdain”, their sound reflects exactly that. Harsh and unforgiving, equally comfortable trudging through doom-laden murk as they are at unrelenting blast beats; few heavy music lovers wouldn’t find something they like here. With splits with both Thou and False, it’s also obvious they keep good company. Olympia’s Huldrekall are also not to be missed. Their own blend of Cascadian black metal with heavy psychedelic groove and crusty undertones sounds more similar to Mania than Wolves in the Throne Room, and most definitely not another weak USBM clone band. The group just finished up a West Coast tour in June and have a new album coming out as well. Seattle’s psych-grind noisemakers The Vatican kick off the evening. Fresh off the release of their latest opus of misanthropy and discomfort, dubbed “The Trump Card”, you should make it out early to catch their intense live show. You may end up with vocalist Mat Wiberg uncomfortably close to you. -DC

9pm//all ages//The Black Lodge


Tuesday July 19th

Inter Arma/Withered/Githyanki

Inter Arma are stirring up the internet with their recent release, Paradise Gallows, a psychedelic trip through harsh metal landscapes centered around a vaguely pirate-themed aesthetic. The band’s live performances have been the talk of the town every trip they’ve made up here, and this time they’re bringing the recently revived black/death overlords of Atlanta, Withered, with them. Withered are also debuting a new album this year, their first in six years, and haven’t been back to the west coast in even longer. Opening the night are local favorites and friends of the zine, Githyanki. They’re named after an old monster from Dungeons and Dragons, that’s as much as you should know when you show up early to watch them slay. You will show up early, right? -Jake McCune

8PM//$10//21+//Barboza//925 E Pike 



Sunday July 24th

Oryx/Irata/Black Bone Exorcism/Samara


This Sunday the 24th, Ladies’ Choice presents another epic heavy show. Hailing from Denver, CO, stoner/doom duo Oryx will be bringing some serious sludge to the Victory Lounge. Fans of bleak, ominous, hard hitting doom metal in the vein of Electric Wizard, Eyehategod, etc, will find sonic bliss. Greensboro, NC’s progressive metal rockers Irata will also be in town and laying down some slick riffage. Fueled by southern metal grooves, vintage psychedelic vibes, and classic, blues-driven rock and roll, Irata are sure to get heads banging. Their latest record was appropriately released via Kylesa’s Retro Futurist label, and it shreds. As if the two touring bands weren’t incentive enough to attend, there’s some outstanding local support from stoner metal badasses Black Bone Exorcism and gothic doom mystics Samara. Don’t miss out on any of this super solid lineup, show up early, stay late, embrace the Monday morning bangover. –Brian Kim

8PM//$7//21+//Victory Lounge//433 Eastlake Ave E