Weekly Worth It 8-2-16


Friday, August 5th

Monolord/Beastmaker/Sweat Lodge/Year of the Cobra


Fans of doom and sludge will do well to find themselves at Barboza this Friday. August 5th, MetalSucks presents Swedish doom trio Monolord on their North American tour with Beastmaker from Fresno, CA, and Sweat Lodge from Austin, TX. Monolord churn out the kind of epic, crushing doom that fans of Sleep can immediately embrace and have their eardrums blown out by. These Swedes have really honed in on some huge tones to back up their massive, smokey riffs. Beastmaker goes a little more old-school and revels in some pure Sabbath-worship. Hard hitting grooves make up the foundation for their stoney rock and roll, laced with a hint of psychedelia and some spooky Candlemass vibes. Sweat Lodge mix together classic southern rock, proto-metal, and a bit of blues into a vintage hard rock cocktail. Recently featured in the newest issue of the SPA, up and comers Year of the Cobra will be providing local support, so make sure you show up early. -Brian Kim

7PM//$12//21+//Barboza//925 E Pike St


Come To Grief/Bell Witch/Hissing 


Do you weigh you days in misery? Is the struggle of everyday life just too much to justify waking up? Do you find comfort in other humans expressing these sentiments with electronic instruments? Boy, is this show a bargain for you! Any fan of music that approaches the “sludge” category should be well aware of seminal 90s crew GRIEF, a band ahead of their time when it came to tuning down and getting miserable on stage. Original guitarist Terry Savastano has resurrected the project, re-names after the original bands’ song title “Come to Grief.” The band are coming west to give those fans who may have been tiny babies in the 90s a chance to experience crushing negativity, and their lineup of support at Highline make this the three-band-bill of the month. Bell Witch have been hiding as of late, presumably working on new material that those in attendance on this night will be able to preview. The bands’ creeping funeral doom is the perfect appetizer for the meth-riot of Come to Grief that will follow. Last, and certainly not least, are the local studs in Hissing. Fresh back from their time supporting Sunn 0))), the black/death/mindfuck crew are worth showing up early for, this band is honing their sound like an ancient caveman axe and you’d do yourself a service to witness the madness. -Jake McCune

$12//9PM//21+//Highline//210 Broadway E



Saturday, August 6th

Old Man Wizard/Medicine Bows/Slow Code

Don’t let the name fool you, So Cal rockers Old Man Wizard are a band who rein in a wide range of influences into a unique and dynamic sound. My first assumption was that they would be a doom/stoner type band, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Their record Unfavorable goes from energetic punk rock to melancholic folk to operatic prog rock without skipping a beat. Without a doubt, it will be interesting to see what this eclectic three piece will pull off live. This show will also have killer local support from Medicine Bows and Slow Code, who will be freshly road hardened after embarking on a short tour together. Medicine Bows crank out a fearless brand of noisey punk rock that is aggressively catchy and fun while also being driving and anthemic. Slow Code will be kicking the night off right with their ferocious post-hardcore influenced style of noise-punk. One hell of a solid three band bill at one of the city’s best venues on a Saturday night, you have no excuse to miss this one. -BK

9PM//21+//Highline//210 Broadway E