Weekly Worth It 8-8-16


Monday, August 8th

Marissa Nadler/Wrekmeister Harmonies/Muscle and Marrow

Marissa Nadler’s name first made waves in extreme music circles when she collaborated with USBM legend Xasthur, but the gothic americana she made her trade remains popular with many of the same folks who dig sad, depressive black metal. The bill at Barboza is grimly appropriate for Nadler, with the darkly romantic, heavy duo Muscle and Marrow opening the evening and recurring sonic nightmare Wrekmeister Harmonies following. It should be noted that Wrekmeister is known to play with or without Bell Witch’s Dylan Desmond and Jesse Shreibman as backing musicians, which should factor into just how loud and terrifying the proceedings get before Nadler’s calm and somber finale.

$12/7PM/21+/Barboza/925 E. Pike St. -Jake McCune


Friday, August 12th

Teacher/The Devil Bores Me/Voycheck

Local stoner rock outfit Teacher are celebrating the release of their new debut self-titled full length LP this Friday at West Seattle’s Skylark Cafe. Teacher bring the sonic principles behind early QOTSA-esque desert rock in tune with modern Cascadian sludge heaviness, all while giving a hearty throwback to vintage heavy metal grooves. The new record, out on 12” vinyl via flourishing heavy rock label Devil’s Child Records, was self-recorded and produced by the band, then mastered by Mos Generator’s Tony Reed, and is definitely worth checking out for anyone looking for a solid desert rock fix. Teacher will be joined by The Devil Bores Me, who take a powerful post-hardcore approach to heavy groove metal, as well as Shellac-fueled noise-rockers Voycheck. Definitely one hell of a solid lineup, don’t let the bridge scare you away from attending! -Brian Kim

8PM/$7/21+/Skylark Cafe/3803 Delridge Way SW https://www.facebook.com/events/1736191909985532/


Sunday, August 14th


Fucked & Bound/Brain Drain/Bloom Offering

Looking for some sonic destruction on Sunday afternoon? Look no further than this Black Lodge matinee. Local underground supergroup Fucked & Bound are celebrating the release of their debut 7” Live at Black Lodge alongside local noisemakers Brain Drain and Bloom Offering. Fucked & Bound is comprised of Brian McClelland and Lisa Mungo of He Whose Ox Is Gored, Curtis Parker of Witch Ripper, and Brock Lowry from the tragically defunct Cascabel. Together, these mighty forces have created a pure, uncut expression of unbridled aggression, blasting ferociously through unstoppable d-beat assaults and face-shredding crust riffs. The Live at Black Lodge EP is roughly 4 minutes of unadulterated hardcore bliss, and witnessing these explosive songs live promises to be a cathartic experience. Brain Drain dish up a distinctly contrasting dreamy shoegaze interpretation of garage rock, while Bloom Offering craft a throbbing cocktail of gothic synths and industrial noise-scapes. Without a doubt the most interesting and satisfying thing you can do this Sunday. -BK

3PM//Black Lodge



Griever/Yautja/Great Falls/Mercy Ties/Wake of Humanity



Griever and Yautja are two of the more interesting bands working in American hardcore today. Both bands would hardly get lumped together with many other active hardcore bands, yet they absolutely draw on the genre as an influence. Both bands also don’t shy away from experimentation, clearly bringing in sludge, grindcore and d-beat influences into their songwriting. The pair make for a hell of a raucous bill, and it doesn’t hurt that some of Seattle’s absolute best are opening things up for the evening. Mercy Ties and Great Falls both spoil audiences in this town on a semi-regular basis with breathtaking performances and music that encourages the breaking of whatever is around you. I’m new to opener Wake of Humanity, but their bandcamp promises that they’re “dedicated to furthering the ideologies of veganism, ecology, environmental protection, human rights, and animal and earth liberation” which honestly is brutal as fuck, so show up early. -JM

$7/8PM/21+/LoFi/429 Eastlake Ave E