Weekly Worth It 9-13-16

Saturday, September 17th
Great Falls/Big Trughk/Voycheck/Pink Muscles
There is a certain, specific delight in this line up: four local bands who occupy the same landscape of “noisy, and loud” yet who find ways to distinguish themselves from the constant stream of noise and loud bands that this town churns out. Opener Pink Muscles create spastic punk-fueled tunes that draw from death-metal skronk and no-wave. Short, punchy songs complemented by the frontman barking like a maniac out of breath. Voycheck are a band with a brand, and that brand is capital ‘N’ Noise Rock. The dudes are bringing back the Am-Rep style hard, and that is not a bad thing. The third band of the night, the mighty Big Trughk, have played sparsely over the last year, hopefully writing or recording in their down time. Their return to stage ought to assure more than one beer is spilled in the Funhouse crowd on Saturday Night, as their rowdy take on heavy rock is firmly rooted in having a good time. And then there are Great Falls. An amazing, vital band who most certainly are not concerned with having a good time. Their angular, heavy and violent live show is the definition of good catharsis. When talking to a friend recently he surmised that there are two types of people in this world: People Who Like Great Falls and People Who Haven’t Seen Great Falls Live. They are Seattle’s secret best band and the fact that denizens can see them perform on a regular basis is a reason to be genuinely happy about living here. -Jake McCune
9PM/21+/$8/Funhouse/109 Eastlake Ave E
Rat City Recon 2016
For it’s fourth year of kicking ass, Rat City Recon is upon us. This year, the Southgate Roller Rink will be hosting eleven bands over three stages, a beer/cider garden, food vendors, and of course, roller skating. As if beer, great food, and roller skating weren’t enough, included in this epic lineup of bands are champions of heaviness Heiress, grungy psych-rockers Wild Powwers, mathy riff-masters Glose, White Center punk rockers Rat City Ruckus, plus a slew of other killer acts. It will be way too much fun skating to any of these bands. Rat City Recon is just one of many reminders that there is some supremely awesome stuff going on down south, and it’s worth the extra ten minutes to your commute to check it out. It’ll be $10 at the door, plus another $4 for skates if you don’t bring your own (“everyone skates at their own risk”), quite the deal for all that badassery. -Brian Kim
6PM/$10/21+/Southgate Roller Rink/9646 17th Ave SW