Weekly Worth It 9-19-16


Monday, September 19th

Birds In Row/Mercy Ties/Prison/Rile


Monday nights can often be an underappreciated opportunity to catch some truly incredible live music. Sure everyone wants to go out and get their “weekend warrior” on during the actual weekend, but think of all the badass hard working touring bands coming through our little corner of the country on the five other less popular days of the week. This Monday the 19th is a perfect example, with mysterious French hardcore power-trio Birds In Row making their way back to Seattle for the first time in years. Birds In Row churn out the kind of hard-hitting and passionate hardcore that gives my cold dead heart feelings about things again. Their intense brand of melodic hardcore and punk is anthemic in spirit, violently coalescing and almost meditative in its purposeful chaos. With a reputation for exceptional live performances, I imagine they bring the wild energy captured on their recordings onto the stage. There will of course be some seriously killer local support as well. Explosive and unpredictable hardcore champions Mercy Ties will be laying down their fierce blend of punk, grindcore, math rock, and post-hardcore. Their latest Glory Kid released LP, Proper Corruption, is a relentless and dynamic sonic assault of epic proportions. Garage-punk party-rockers Prison will also be smashing soundwaves with their raw and frenetic aural flailing alongside the recently formed Rile, who have begun making waves with their caustic amalgamation of post-hardcore, punk, metal, and shoegaze. This is really an impressive lineup for a Monday night, so fear not being tired on Tuesday, make the effort to get out and experience some epic live music.  -Brian Kim

7:30PM/Black Lodge



Tuesday, September 20th 


He Whose Ox is Gored/Hobosexual 


Seattle music is cool enough to have its own local-access show, did you even know that? ‘Band in Seattle’ airs on Seattle’s CW 11 channel every Friday at 11pm, and their latest episode is taping with two of the town’s uniquely named and uniquely kick-ass bands. He Whose Ox is Gored are hot on their heels from a national tour opening for Retox and are sure to be in good form under the camera lights. Hobosexual have been making feel-good rock music with a beergut-bent for about as long as I’ve lived here, and it never does get tiring. The dudely duo should provide a nice and pleasant opening juxtaposition to the spaced-out sludge of the OX crew. Come watch the festivities then watch yourself on TV later! -Jake McCune

8PM/$10/21+/Tractor Tavern/5213 Ballard Ave NW



Wednesday, September 21st


DIAT/Vacant Life/Iron Lung/Dreamdecay


What’s the one Power Violence band that people in their 20’s like? Iron Lung, and I’ll tell you why, it’s because they pretty much ONLY play all ages shows and always have. That’s dedication. And their music is absolutely bad-ass. Also, their drummer Jenson is the only person I’ve ever seen who can play blast beats louder than most people can play at all.

Another amazing thing about them is their taste in music, Iron Lung records puts out amazing stuff and that’s why you should perk up your ears when you see that they are playing soon, because odds are you will see a killer band you haven’t heard of.

Case in point: I had never heard of what is rapidly becoming my new favorite band DIAT until a couple days ago, but thanks to Iron Lung records I’ve found a group that combines the sounds of my favorite British New Wave and Post Punk bands. Kind of like if the A-Frames were influenced by Killing Joke instead of the Fall. All the way from Berlin! And this is basically an ILR showcase! Filling in are Seattle noise mongers Vacant Life and Dreamdecay, both crushing bands in their own right. A truly power-packed line up for a Wednesday night! -Jeffery McNulty

7:30PM/$12/All Ages/The Vera Project/ Corner of Warren Ave N & Republican St.