Weekly Worth It Halloween Edition


Wednesday, October 26th


Uada/Helleborus/Isenordal/Pagan Scum


The Pacific Northwest black metal scene has seen an excellent revival as of late, with bands pushing far outside the usual fringe genre boundaries and creating some truly interesting heavy music. One of the bands at the forefront of this is the mighty Uada, who have been forging their own path with their unique blend of melodic Swedish-sounding death metal with chilling, bleak black metal elements more akin to Poland than Portland. Infectiously memorable riffs, pummeling drumwork, and raspy howled vocals provide the ideal soundtrack for a moon-lit ritual in a frostbitten forest.

Rounding out the lineup are Helleborus, from Colorado, providing their own brand of high-energy, esoteric death metal. Local Seattle blackened folk/metal band Isenordal are back together with a new lineup, and thrash blasters Pagan Scum kick off the night. -Dustin Carroll

9pm/21+/$12/Highline/210 Broadway E.



Saturday, October 29th

Sorcerers Of Madness/Constant Lovers/Acid Tongue/Blame The Wizards


If you find yourself amongst the ghosts and goblins haunting Pioneer Square on Saturday night, park your broomstick at the Central Saloon for a ghoulish four-band (witches) brouhaha.

Masked and horned occultists Blame the Wizards will crack the first beers, strike the first chords and howl the first cries to Satan before Acid Tongue chimes in with their retro-psych grooving rhythms. Next, Good to Die Records’ metallic noise rockers, Constant Lovers, will welcome Seattle’s best friend, Ben Verellen, home from his epic three month Helm’s Alee tour–once again taking the throne behind the Lovers’ drumset.  Finally, Black Sabbath tribute band, Sorcerers of Madness, featuring Aaron Walters of Akimbo on guitar, David Totten of Scriptures and Hand of the Hills on vocals, Brian Spenser of Wilt and Death in the Family on drums and Vinnie Mauer on bass will waive their collective hand of doom, bringing you straight into the void. -Brandy Rettig

8PM/$10 ADV $15 DOS/21+/The Central Saloon/207 1st Ave S



Brothers of the Sonic Cloth/Black Bone Exorcism/Summoned By Giants/Guest Directors


The epic Dave By Dave West mini-festival returns for its second year, a celebration of Substation founder Dave West and all the incredible music housed within the walls of his expanding empire of studios and practices spaces. Headlining night one will be Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, a band that really needs no additional hype from me, but is without a doubt a must see for those uninitiated. Black Bone Exorcism, Summoned By Giants, and Guest Directors will be contributing to this stacked lineup. -Brian Kim

8PM/$10 ADV $15 DOS/21+/Substation/645 NW 45th St



Monday, October 31

Venom/Heart/Black Flag/Velvet Underground (tribute sets)


Halloween night, the Highline will be hosting a diverse spread of badass cover bands. Hearing some live tributes to Venom, Heart, Black Flag, and the Velvet Underground will definitely be a treat. While I’m not sure who is in most of these bands, I do know the Heart tribute includes members of Un, A God Or An Other, and Witch Ripper, and I’m betting the rest of the groups will be featuring a slew of Seattle’s finest musicians. -Brian Kim

9PM/21+/Highline/210 Broadway E



Underworld Scum/Evil Heat/The Swallows/Brian Hugh Warner/Night Boss


Cafe Pettirosso will be showcasing one hell of a Halloween lineup. Aside from a costume contest with a $100 prize, the event also features Underworld Scum (a Misfits tribute band), Evil Heat (Constant Lovers tribute to Birthday Party), The Swallows (a Spits tribute band), Brian Hugh Warner (a Marilyn Manson tribute), and Night Boss (a Germs tribute). How can you resist? -Brian Kim

8PM/$10/21+/Cafe Pettirosso/1101 E Pike St



Matriarch/Male/Female/Lowest Priority/Do Normaal


There’s going to be a killer Halloween party down at the Southgate Roller Rink. Aside from some great music from Matriarch, Male/Female, Lowest Priority, and Do Normaal, this badass celebration will also be featuring contests, raffle giveaways, goodie bags for the first fifty through the door, and is a fundraiser for No Tolerance, an intersectional activist network and community formed to dismantle the systems of oppression that contribute to rape culture within musical and artistic social spheres. Oh, and of course, there will be roller-skating, the price of which is included in the $10-$15 suggested donation. Costumes and an open mind are highly encouraged. -Brian Kim

8:30PM/$10-$15/Southgate Roller Rink/9646 17th Ave SW



Convictions/WVRM/Waft/The Drip/Repudiate


Those looking for a more straightforward night of hardcore, grind, and sludge can head to the Kraken for some ear-shattering tunes. WVRM and Waft are on tour from South Carolina, and will be joined by local blackened punk outfit Convictions, Washington grindcore heroes The Drip, and newcomers Repudiate. All this noise for five lousy bucks. Get your shred on. -Brian Kim

9PM/$5/Kraken/5257 University Way NE