Wounded Giant LP Release Show Preview



Preview by Jeffery McNulty

This Friday, August 28th Wounded Giant will take the stage at the Rendezvous to steal souls and celebrate the release of their new record; their second slab of vinyl is a 12” split with Phoenix, AZ stoner heavyweights Goya, out on STB records. Sonically, Wounded Giant have taken their sound a bit further than their first record, Lightning Medicine but their trademark heaviness is always there. Having their songs mixed by Jack Endino certainly helped!

The first track on the Wounded Giant side of the split “The Room of the Torch” is a building, throbbing invocation to the ladies, namely: the Priestess of the Seven, Salome and Media. A fitting Yin intro to the Yang of “Dystheist” which is a pummeling song about the world we live in and a warning about who (or what) is really running things down here on Earth. “Dystheist” is an anthem and a bona fide hit worthy of being sandwiched between “Children of the Grave” and “Dragonaut” on your next Stoner/Doom playlist.

I was lucky enough to grab this version as a promo, already on its second printing as the first sold out almost instantly. Boutique label STB is famous for putting out a solid product and while this pressing isn’t as fancy as the first it still sports a gatefold sleeve and purple 180 gram vinyl!! You can find it on their Bandcamp page as well.

Live, Wounded Giant always crushes skulls “shirts off” style and I’m sure this Friday at the Rendezvous will be no exception. If you like metal you have probably seen R.I.P (not the classic 80’s band from Seattle but an entirely new band from PDX that still rules! They kill it on stage and I can’t wait for a new recording to surface), and Hexengeist who are keeping thrash alive and well in this new millennium. Come early but don’t bother wearing a shirt cause it’s gonna get ripped off anyway!